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Published on Thursday 2 April, 2020

Hi everyone,

I’ve often said that what you do every day is extraordinary. Now everyone is going through an extraordinary time, and how you’re responding to it is truly incredible.

I’ve heard from Broken Hill, for example, about the resourcefulness of our new Carer Services Officer, Mandy. Deliveries to the town have dropped from twice a week, to once a week or fortnight, and there was a huge shortage.

Mandy sourced a donation of some key supplies from the Community Restorative Centre in Broken Hill for use by young people we support and foster carers. She also bought stock to make hand sanitiser, because no soap or hand sanitiser was available.

A number of you have come up with new ways to reduce COVID-19 risks to our customers. For example, in Sydney, Norma had the idea of using different coloured cutlery to help maintain hygiene with people who are non-verbal. Kristy developed a residential fact file to assist services in their planning.

The commitment, innovation and community contributions that have been coming through from across the organisation is fantastic. Thanks all of you for the difference you’re making.

I’d like to share another wonderful example of people making a difference, from the Northern Territory.

Under the great care and commitment of Susana, Pirini and other team-members, and Marcia’s dedicated leadership, the life of a young person we support is being turned around.

This young person’s weight is approaching what it should be, she’s been free of seizures, is going to school for the first time in years, is sleeping well and is making progress on her daily living goals. A tremendous outcome.

In the video I made last Friday, I also mentioned the results of the audit for ISO 9000 certification of our quality management systems. I was thrilled to hear the auditor give us top scores for our staff, services and organisation. I’d like to thank Anthony Inu for the way he’s driven our quality system improvements, and thank everyone who’s made it possible.

These are the types of things that display the wonderful capacity of people to rise above incredible challenges.

Keep this up, keep calm, be happy and we will get through this together.

Kind regards,

Andrew Hyland

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