Meet Nikki and Garry

Creating a safe and nurturing environment for the children they foster is something that Nikki and Garry find very rewarding and brings a lot of joy to their lives. Since becoming Foster Carers with Lifestyle Solutions they receive a lot of communication, great support and a strong network that encourages their foster care journey.

Meet Eloise

Helping children and young people is something that feels natural to Eloise. Coming from a big family, she enjoys having a lot of kids in her care. Knowing that there are kids out there that needed her help and having the space in her home is what encouraged Eloise to become a Foster Carer with Lifestyle Solutions.

Meet Robyn

Growing up in foster care as part of the stolen generation has really helped Robyn to build a connection with the children in her care. She takes the time to understand them and enjoys putting a smile on their faces. Robyn says she has received fantastic training and support through Lifestyle Solutions and has met so many lovely people on her foster care journey.  

Meet Zenda

Zenda decided she wanted to become a Foster Carer because she had the time to give to children. The time to help and support them, to love and to nurture them and give them what they need. Watching the children she cares for with a smile on their face is what Zenda finds most rewarding. Zenda says she had 100 per cent support from Lifestyle Solutions when she decided to become a Foster Carer.



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