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Published on Friday 23 July, 2021

An unlikely collaboration between a florist, an electrician, an inventor and a poultry farmer has inadvertently made life more comfortable for the people we support at our Corkwood House residential care home in Sydney.

Florist, Tony Olivieri, was looking for a solution to improve the air quality in his factory. The ingenuity of an electrician and an inventor he was working with helped solve the problem. He then went on to work with and share the technology with his friend, Tony, who was having similar problems on his poultry farm.

The two men are family friends of one of the people we support at Corkwood House. They knew about the great support our team provides to the people who call Corkwood House home. They also knew about some of the challenges the team faced and they wanted to help.

They were confident the new air purification system they were using could have applications outside a commercial setting and felt it could be adapted for use in group homes and aged care homes. Together, they set about developing a protocol for the technology to be trialled in Corkwood House — with fantastic results.

The results impressed everyone, including Facilitator Michelle Dingwall who has worked at Corkwood House for many years.

“The difference was almost immediate. The air purifier system has been an absolute miracle for us. Our Community Visitor Report shows that air quality is now excellent and visitors are really happy with the difference the system has made,” said Michelle.

Tony Oliveiri also reached out to his friends at Koala who generously donated four medical grade mattresses, a new couch and eight medical grade pillows to help the team maintain a healthy and comfortable sleep environment for the people at the house.

“This was an amazing gesture of support for the people at Corkwood House. Mattresses need to be replaced every three months so Koala’s donation has relieved people financially and provided quality products that will really enhance their sleep and wellbeing. We are so very grateful to Tony and the team at Koala, especially Gabe, for their help,” said Michelle.

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