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Published on Friday 29 May, 2020

One of the people we support's favourite activities is cooking. Most days, when you visit one of our hubs, you are not only greeted by the smiles and welcomes of the people we support and Support Workers, but by the fantastic aromas coming from the kitchen. Biscuits, cakes and soups are among the most popular to prepare, cook, and of course enjoy.

With the cold days closing in, we wanted to share this healthy but simple recipe for chicken and corn soup.  It’s easy and quick to make, tasty and nutritious, and has some fun but simple preparation that makes it great for people with a disability to get involved with.  

This is one of the people we support Makenzie’s, favourite recipes. Her specialty is chopping the shallots, which she finds fun and therapeutic. (Unlike getting her gloves on, which is always a challenge!)

Makenzie likes to drop cubes of fresh cut bread into her soup and let them soak up the flavour before chasing them with her spoon - though some of the other people we support are purists, preferring to dip their bread.

“You have to have bread in your soup. It makes it taste better.”

We’re with Makenzie on that one. This recipe can easily be adapted for vegans or vegetarians.  You can simply leave the chicken out, or substitute with tofu, or vegetables such as mushrooms.

Download Makenzie’s favourite chicken and corn soup recipe.

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